Dog Cart Rides & Husky Puppies

Hang onto your hat, these dogs are the real thing! Rested from the long frozen trails of winter, they are eager to show you the strength and stamina it takes to cover up to 150 miles of wilderness in one day.

Competent and experienced mushers guide the teams and are available to explain dog team travel and history.

Join us for a ride on a comfortable cart and watch the sled dogs in action. See the excitement and hear the barking and howling while the dogs are hooked up to run. Meet some of our 1000-mile lead dogs and up-and-coming Iditarod and Yukon Quest race dogs.


You'll have a chance to actually spend time with the dogs and the puppies as well - already in training to be the next generation of canine athletes!



    • "Best wildlife museum I have ever been to!"
      • Andrew H. - Sacramento, CA
    • "Great food, great service, great displays! Second time around."
      • Gary B. - Toronto, ON
    • "Loved the sled dog ride and the interaction with the adorable puppies. Thanks for a great lunch and an educational wildlife display."
      • Brenna P. - Charleston, SC
    • "A gorgeous drive from Skagway and perfect stopping point along the way. The wildlife museum is a must-see attraction."
      • Debbie T. - Cheshire, England
    • "The staff is extremely friendly and made us feel right at home. They even recommended some great areas nearby for photos."
      • Jeff M. - Dallas, TX

Dog Cart Rides & Pricing

We offer 15 minute and 30 minute experiences. Reservations are recommended for the 30 minute experience as space is limited. Online reservations can be made for the 30 minute experience. Space for the fifteen minute rides are available in person on a first-come, first-serve basis until space fills up.


15 Minute Rides: Adults - $43.50, Children - $41.50


30 Minute Rides: Adults - $68.50. Children - $61.50