Photo Gallery


A sneak peak at the Wildlife Gallery featuring northern animals

Husky Puppies

Meet the next generation at Husky Village.


You never know who might be stopping by Caribou Crossing.

Emerald Lake

Yukon's gem - just north of Caribou Crossing.

Welcome to the Yukon

Just outside of Skagway, be sure to cross over into the legendary Yukon .

World's Smallest Desert

Winds sweeping over Lake Bennett create an interesting micro-climate.

Gold Panning with Klondike Mike

Running a Klondike Gold Tour daily, Klondike Mike know the ins & outs of gold panning

Grizzlies along the Highway

It's not uncommon to see grizzlies on the scenic Klondike Highway.

Relaxin' Goats

Enjoying some fresh Yukon sun

Kluane Lake

Thank you to Robert Postma for this stunning photography!

Dog Cart Rides

15 minute and 30 minute rides with the Iditarod teams.

Bring Home the Gold

Guaranteed to bring some authentic Yukon gold back home..

Woolly Mammoth

The flagship piece of the Wildlife Gallery

Prime Minister Visit

Stephen Harper and wife Laureen take some time to visit the pups