Come and see our young Alaskan Huskies!  The future generation of canine athletes are here for your viewing pleasure.

Here at Caribou Crossing, we keep our puppies safe by limiting access to their pen. While it’s important for the puppies to interact with people in order to be well socialized, too much human attention in a day can cause them to become overheated or overwhelmed and fearful of people. Our puppy pen is visually appealing so that guests can enjoy them while the puppies feel safe and secure in their home.

A puppy’s purpose at Caribou Crossing is to be socialized to people of all different ages in order to develop into a friendly, confident dog that is able to function optimally as part of a dog team.

We aim to provide our guests with an enjoyable and educational experience about dog mushing, and raising and caring for sled dog puppies while at the same time putting the needs of the puppies first and foremost.

All guests will be able to view and photograph the puppies, either napping or playing in their pen. You will have the opportunity to interact with an informed and skilled dog handler who is available to share information about the breed, their training and, ultimately, life as a canine athlete.

Why can’t every guest enter the puppy yard and have one on one puppy time?

With the sheer volume of guests during peak days/times it is nearly impossible to guarantee that every guest will have one on one time cuddling our pups, as this can be overwhelming for puppies and affect their development. Factors that affect this are; number of visitors,  number of litters we have, life stage of the pups (2 weeks old, vs 4 months old), attitude of the mother dog (first timer or seasoned pro), and general health of the pups.

We operate on a “Dogs First” policy and always have the dog’s best interest at heart when we decide how many visitors are able to enter the puppy pens on a given day.


Andrew H. - Sacramento, CA

“Best wildlife museum I have ever been to!”

Gary B. - Toronto, ON

“Great food, great service, great displays! Second time around.”

Brenna P. - Charleston, SC

“Loved the sled dog ride and the interaction with the adorable puppies. Thanks for a great lunch and an educational wildlife display.”

Debbie T. - Cheshire, England

“A gorgeous drive from Skagway and perfect stopping point along the way. The wildlife museum is a must-see attraction.”

Jeff M. - Dallas, TX

“The staff is extremely friendly and made us feel right at home. They even recommended some great areas nearby for photos.”